Winter Garden Tips

09 June 2019 by Realy

As Winter arrives it doesn't mean you can't still spend time in your garden; follow these simple winter garden tips to make the most of your outside space

These winter garden tips are easy to follow, enjoy!

1. Get a fire pit

Fire pits really come into their own in the winter months. If you have kids the early sunset means they can enjoy them with you without staying up too late! Don’t forget the marshmallows.

We love this one from Fire Pits Direct

2. Keep your guests warm!

Entering doesn’t need to be off the cards either. If it’s a bright day a long leisurely lunch can be bliss on the weekend. Simply make sure you have some warm blankets for your guests to use so they don’t get too cold.

3. Outdoor heater

If space allows, or if you have a covered entertaining area, a permanent heater can be a great addition. These range from the standard gas powered ones we’re all used to seeing at cafe, to a permanent bar infrared solution. Prices vary so do your research!

Bunnings Online have a great selection.