The perfect model for a
post-coronavirus world

25 March 2020 by Realy

The property marketing must change to put control into the hands of home owners and buyers

With coronavirus continuing to have a profound impact on all elements of life – be it restrictions on movement, our health or the economy – we have been reflecting on the core values of Realy and why we strongly feel that, as society comes through this together, a profound shift must take place in the way in which we view and sell our homes. It’s an uncertain time and home owners will need help and support tailored specifically for them. Our post-coronavirus world might look the same, but we feel the property market will change.

couple cooking

Firstly, the likely extended period of time we spend at home could result in a new-found focus on maintaining and improving our property, be it general maintenance, decor or more substantial work. Many people are setting up specific ‘work from home’ areas or home offices and realising that creating an aesthetically pleasing and distinct work area can help with a possible new future of more remote working for many. With Realy, we can help owners find ideas from other members, or access speical offers from our partners.

Secondly, from an economic point of view, many owners will be looking to refinance their homes. Even for those experiencing minimal financial hardship, now is the time to look closely at your outgoings to ensure you’re on the best deal. Realy’s unique approach to helping homeowners leverage accurate data on their home, could mean they can access a more accurate and cost effective home loan. Similarly, now’s the time for owners to check their other products and services to ensure they’ve got accurate plans (such as home insurance.

From a more behavioural viewpoint, we see a shift away from in-person viewings (and in the short term, Open Home viewings aren’t allowed due to social distancing rules) so need to offer ways for potential buyers to get as much insight into a home as possible. There are various ‘virtual tour’ tools around that can help with this, but we feel insight and descriptions from the owner themselves can help hugely to counteract the loss of in-person visits. Realy allows owners to share unique insight of their home with others via our social tools. Any way to empower owners and buyers with accurate information through a digital platform will be hugely beneficial in the coming years.

finally, and more broadly, with such an uncertain time ahead, any way for home owners to ‘test the market’ with no cost is likely to do well. Realy’s key focus is to do that – help owners even when they’re not actively looking to sell, or even if they just want to see what might happen.

Realy is a fluid and ‘human focussed’ platform that is there to help owners and their families on the important journey of owning and buying their home.

For that reason, Realy is the perfect new paradigm for homeowners as we move through 2020 and beyond.