Renovate your kitchen without breaking the bank

25 August 2019 by Realy

Renovating your kitchen, which is often the centre of a family home, doesn't need to break the bank.

Kitchen renovations can be very expensive, but often there are some more affordable ways in which you can hugely improve your kitchen and make it more modern.

Change the cupboard doors

This is a great way to give the impression of new cupboards. Either buy new doors completely, or just paint your current ones. Don’t forget to update the handles.

New lights

With some new pendant lights, which are inexpensive to install, a much fresher and brighter look can be achieved. If you have a kitchen bench, make sure the lights focus there as it will draw people to stand and sit there whilst you’re cooking.

New small appliances

Often we have a number of small appliances out on our kitchen bench. If these are dated if can change the overall look of a kitchen. Why not treat yourself to a new matching set – they can be cheaper than you think!


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