Meet the People Making Moving Interstate Easier, and Cheaper!

06 May 2019 by Realy

Moving interstate can be a stressful time, but it should be an exciting time; it represents a new chapter in your life. Whether you’re moving from Brisbane to Melbourne or Melbourne to Perth it’s bound to be a big move. Moving interstate often means a new job, a new office, a new house, and perhaps a new school for the children.

And then there’s dealing with the interstate removalists.

What moving interstate can also often mean is calling around to countless different removalist companies, trying to price shop, not knowing the correct questions to ask, being worried about insurance options, not understanding what’s covered, and feeling alone in the decision-making process. Here’s where Muval comes in.

How Muval Can Help You Move Interstate

Muval helps you find the best interstate removals company for your move. Thousands of Australians move interstate every year. In fact, that number is close to 350,000. When someone moves interstate, there’s often an empty truck or container headed back to the original depot, and moving companies are usually very happy to sell space in these containers at a discounted rate. Muval finds these opportunities and makes it easy for you to book.

For smaller loads, Muval also finds opportunities for you to “piggy back” on the back of a truck that’s already going in the same direction if it has available space.

But Muval isn’t just a website. Even though you can view pricing, read reviews, make your selection and book instantly on Muval’s website, there is a friendly, Australia-based team just an email or phone call away. Muval team members are there to help walk you through the options, make sure you’re obtaining the best pricing based on the correct details, and point you in the right direction to insure your goods.

Make Your Next Move Stress-Free

Muval is on your laptop, in your pocket, and in your corner. Moving interstate should be an exciting time, and not such a stressful time. Knowing that you’ve made an informed decision, saved money, and are even helping to save the environment by playing a part in reducing emissions should provide you with extra reassurance that you’re moving in the right direction.

There are some useful tips for moving house that can help you prepare to move your house and, of course, there are some useful people over at Muval who care about your move. No matter where you are in your moving process, your questions can be answered online or on the phone at 1 300 1 MUVAL.

When you think of moving, why not associate a new word? Easy. And when you think of easy, think of Muval. Visit to get started.