Interview – Louella Boitel-Gill

22 September 2019 by Realy

We’re over the moon to be launching our new interview series, focussing on individuals making waves in the design of homes in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Kicking things off we caught up with Louella Boitel-Gill – an interior designer who’s now based between Sydney and Byron.

Image from The Design Files

1. Can you tell us a little bit about your job and how you ended up working in design?

I’m an interior designer with a background in furniture design, styling and design for events.

I worked for Terence Conran in London and moved to Melbourne to open the Conran Shop at George’s on Collins Street. That’s what brought me to Australia and I’ve loved living here ever since then.

I’m essentially a nester, I love to create spaces and if I didn’t need to work I’d be doing this anyway.

I was married to Mark Tuckey and we have two daughters. For ten years we ran the business together, I was the creative designing the furniture and overseeing brand and social media. He managed the grown up stuff 🙂

He still runs the business, and my focus now is working with clients designing and renovating their homes.


2. What is the biggest mistake people make in their homes?

Putting too may elements in one space.

If you can keep the main elements simple it makes a space easier to read, it clarifies the page. Colour, materials and texture.

If you keep the mix limited it’s less confusing.

It doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with colour, it just means not too many colours competing with each other.

Image from The Design Files

3. What’s your most loved timeless design trend?

Danish design, every time.

The Danes have a way of piecing things together with beautiful materials that sit calmly in a space.

They have an elegance and a longevity, and they love timber and leather.


4. Lastly… can you share your single best secret design hack

Geez that’s a tricky one and if I shared it, it wouldn’t be a secret anymore!

I think if I had to pick something it would have to be machine washable linen sofa covers – which means you don’t have to stress if you want a white sofa.

I love the simplicity of a white sofa and they way you can mix it into a space.

Loose covers also mean you can swap things out and change colours completely. So, loose covers and machine washable upholstery fabric, that’s my pick.


Thanks so much to Louella for sharing her story, inspiration and tips!

Looking forward to seeing the homes of our readers on Realy soon – it’s simple to sign up and start sharing your ideas.