Environmental ideas for your home

17 November 2019 by Realy

Becoming greener in your home is easier than ever.

These days it’s easier and easier to make your home more environmentally friendly, often without significant investment or major disruption. Environmental ideas and improvements can be easy.

At Realy we have found some suppliers, startups and partners that can help you on your journey to making your home run at zero-carbon AND save you money every month!

1. Brighte

Brighte is a financing partner that can help you with things like solar panels, batteries or other home improvements. The service offers both 0% finance or long-terms low interest loans to spread the cost when buying from one of their approved vendors.

Solar panels via Brighte

2. Reposit

We love what the team at Reposit are doing. If you have a battery installed at home, Reposit can help you become part of a ‘Virtual Power Plant’ meaning the electricity you produce from your solar panels can be shared back into the grid. It’s super cool and could well be the future once more and more homes have solar/battery systems installed.

Reposit app dashboard

3. Powershop

Powershop is a electricity provider that you can sign up to with no fuss. Once you’re a customer, it’s easy to buy green power through them. In addition, their mobile app means you can easily track your electricity usage and find ways to use less power.

4. Land Forms Pools

Land Forms are one of the new independent pool builders in Australia offering ‘natural pools’. This means little to no chemicals needed, and with natural filtration and careful installation their filter systems use far less power.

Land Forms natural pool